How to Make a Floating Flower Centerpiece

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    • 1). Fill the bowls or vases with water. To avoid any bubbles in the centerpiece, use distilled water. However, if the bride and groom want bubbles, regular tap water can be used.

    • 2). Cut the stems of your flowers short, and place up to five flowers in the water-filled bowls.

    • 3). Place a few floating candles in the bowls. These candles can be used over and over again, so be sure to save them for a future centerpiece. Tea light candles also work well for this project and can be less expensive than floating candles.

    • 4). Completely submerge either fresh or faux flowers in a water-filled vase to create a different type of floating flower display. Tie a stainless steel washer to the stem using fishing line, and cover the washers with small rocks on the bottom of the vase. Submerged flowers look best in either tall vases or fish bowls instead of short vases.

    • 5). Position a mirror underneath the centerpiece to add dimension to the arrangement.

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