Suffering From Prolapsed Hemorrhoids - Here"s Your Treatment Options

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Suffering from the problems of hemorrhoids? What are your options for treatment? And how bad must the condition be before surgery is needed? Hemorrhoids have been plaguing the human race for thousands of years, and might possibly have influenced world history.
It is a well known fact that Napoleon Bonaparte suffered from hemorrhoids during the battle at Waterloo.
How do you think this problem influenced his conduct in battle? Hemorrhoids are blood vessels in the lower rectum and anus that become enlarged and irritated.
Hemorrhoids fall into two general categories, internal and external.
Internal Hemorrhoids - located inside the anal cavity and are covered by anal mucosa.
External Hemorrhoids - located in the back part of the anal canal which are covered by anoderm and skin.
Believe it or not we still do not know what the exact cause of hemorrhoids are.
We do know what contributes to the hemorrhoid problems and this includes the following:
  • excessive straining upon having a bowel movement (Constipation).
  • Sitting for long periods of time.
  • Child Birth.
  • Anal Sex.
  • Heavy Lifting.
The most common complaints from people suffering from hemorrhoids are as follows:
  • Bright red bleeding from the anal area.
  • Pain, Burning and Itching.
Normal courses of treatments by most physicians start out with warm sitz baths or warm water soaks of the affected area.
Salts and essential oils may be added to the water in sitz baths to facilitate healing.
Creams and ointments that are applied topically to the infected areas.
These medications can be found over the counter at any local drug store.
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