How to Acquire Galf in Ogre Battle

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    • 1). Follow the path of good through the initial twelve levels of the game and work to maintain a very high reputation. Ensure that your opinion leader has a high alignment by only having his army battle with enemies of a higher experience level, and only liberate towns and cities with armies that have both a high alignment and charisma. Fight tooth and nail to protect your cities, making sure that the Empire's forces never take over a town you have already liberated.

    • 2). Move your armies into the islands of the Kastolatian Sea and continue to battle the Empire's forces there.

    • 3). Liberate a few cities in the area and defeat some of the Empire's units. Before killing all of the enemy units, send your rebellion's opinion leader to find the secret Roshifallion temple at the edge of the area to the far north of your home base. If you have a very high reputation, one of the monks in the temple will give your opinion leader the legendary Brunhild sword. Do not equip the sword yet, just simply keep it in your possession.

    • 4). Allow the enemy units to re-take all of your liberated cities so that your reputation drops. For the fastest drops, liberate cities and then immediately abandon them repeatedly so that the Empire's armies will keep taking control of them.

    • 5). Conspire with thieves and pirates at every opportunity and always choose actions that the people of Zenobia would not be proud of so that your reputation is extremely low by the time you reach the Antanjyl area. Fight Galf at the enemy base in Antanjyl. Once you have defeated him, he will offer to join your rebellion if you still have the Brunhild sword and you have a very low reputation.

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