Top 5 Latest Web Design Trends

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Web design trends

In the process of web design, the website plays an important role in bringing the website top on the search engine's like Google, yahoo and so on . The web design trends keep on changing and also offers best and attractive designs during every update. There are many companies offering web design in Bradford and they are more popular as they offer the best designs from the ongoing trends. The top five latest web design trends are given here.


Imagery offers background videos and photographs on a full screen. Nowadays full screen photo pages are gaining more popularity when compared to the past creation of websites with simple graphic designs and colors. The imagery offers a new cinematic experience and lets you to tell your message in a powerful way and completely utilizes the space very well. Along with the stark images, web designers have also started to make use of video spanning. These help in rapid convey of your website's message in a much clearer manner. Site wide slideshows are also a new way of conveying by motion with no use of video and still conveys the message. This also helps in showing many important points for your website in one place.


This year has made to put more concentration on the content. Yet, this doesn't show that the web designers are not able to creatively make use of the typography for conveying the content. With the typography, the main change comes with the artistic combinations of many fonts and bold headlines. This type of usage has become the most important one this year when compared to the simple presentation of information. With the help of the custom web fonts, whatever you like can be done easily in innovative and creative ways.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling was first used in the video games and now has also got introduced in the web design. This lets you to scroll both the background and foreground images with varying speeds when you scroll thus offering a 3D effect. Yet, this must be used in an effective manner, so that it helps in showing a neat design and conveying the message to the user in a right way.


Responsive web design in Bradford is becoming a more popular trend now as the mobile devices and tablets are now being used to browse the internet. This trend has been used for enabling users to view the website in any devices. The main goal is to offer the website in a clear and crisp way in any type of device used by the user. It includes themes, imagery, general layout and typography.

Minimalist Design

Having a neat and simple design will help in conveying the content to the user in an easy way. This makes the user to know about the business in simple way. Using simple colors and neatly aligning everything in a right way will remove all distractions and help people to remember everything about the company. Many of the companies delivering website design in Leeds also make use of these trends for your website.
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