Singles Who Are Motivated Are Dating More Often!

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It would be a fairly safe bet to presume that most of us have heard this before "look good, feel good" If you are in the singles and dating scene at the moment and there isn't a lot going your way, you wont hear a more useful piece of advice.

Stress and fear triggers many problems in our lives, which can add to our already limited confidence for some of us. Work concerns, deadlines, divorce, a different job, insomnia, alcohol abuse, nicotine, caffeine, drugs are just some of the issues concerning busy and tired singles.

In order to be appealing to the opposite gender, singles need to make themselves a more attractive item. If your recent dating experiences haven't gone to plan, your possibly feeling very down and out and pondering what you need to do in order to have some luck in the dating and singles scene.

When we are dating other singles and there isnt much of a click going on between you are your dates, our confidence takes a hit which can wear us down. The less confidence we have, the more difficult it is to chat to singles or to pluck up enough courage to make the first move. With little or no confidence, you may not be as attractive as when you are feeling at your best.

A big step in the right direction......
Health and exercise is a vital role in our overall happiness. Many of us do not use this to our advantage. We also take for granted that health and exercise can be free, anyone can do it at any age. Feeling good about ourselves can be the start of a new chapter.

Obviously none of this can begin without motivation. The reason many of us end up doing little to help ourselves, is because the amount of will power and motivation is lacking. Make a list of chores or jobs you have been putting off for a while. Allow yourself several hours and get stuck into those chores. Then look back and assess all that you have gained in those few hours. Weigh up the difference you may make to your life if motivation was part of your daily routine. If you are motivated and determined your whole world will start to look and feel different.

If you feel like the singles game is starting to feel depressing and you are not going anywhere, and making little progress, join a fitness club, and get some advice on nutrition and exercise. Don't consume yourself in the failures of your dating experiences, start to concentrate on you. Get yourself fit and healthy then watch your whole world begin to change.

If a fitness club isn't your cup of tea, there is alternative exercise you can do to increase your fitness level to where it should be. Go for a fast walk at least 4-5 days a week, or purchase a push bike. Do this for around 30 minutes each time. Your stamina with increase, and pretty quickly you WILL start to feel better about yourself. You will be able to approach the issues hindering your progress with a totally new confidence level. Equally important, your health will improve.

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