Sport - for a healthy life

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Being healthy and staying healthy is a conglomerate of healthy food, sleep and being active. All these will help you live a full and productive life.

If we are to talk about the benefits of sport we must say that the list for advantages no matter the sport is endless. In the first place sport helps you gain energy. On the other hand sport helps you burn calories, keep your muscles fit. But what's the "trump" of practicing a sport is the fact that it guarantees a lot of fun and it assures you of a social life.

Men sana in corpora sano, a famous saying tells everything of the benefits an active life can have. You reduce stress and you gain instead a lot of energy.

An example for a sport without too many risks is table tennis. Starting as a game for the English families after supper, at the end of the XIX century, this game evolved and is today one of the competitive sports in the Olympic Games for youngsters. It all started from a rubber ballwhich later on was transformed in celluloid ball.

 The advantages for this type of sport are numerous because on one hand is athletically enhancing and on the other hand helps you refine your hand- eye coordination.

Table tennis is a sport for life in the way it is a lifelong sport for both younger and older. What is more table tennis is a sport for all sexes, not expensive at all and can be played anytime and anywhere as long as you have a table, a bat and a ball.

If there is something that people value in sport is that it maintains people all around the world young both in mental and physic and that it helps them accomplish their goal as humans- socialization.

  Table tennis is good both for the mind and body because it has little risk of injury being a non-contact sport, it has its physical benefits as all sports have, it improves one's reflexes and mostly it has mental benefits, being also nicknamed "high- speed chess".

If there is a slogan for this sport that is : "table tennis:  anybody, anytime and anywhere", this because this sport is considered to be the less discriminatory sport of all, being practiced in equal number by both females and males, by both younger and older people.
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