How to Identify a Sewing Machine Foot

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    • 1). Look at your machine's sewing needle area. Generally there is a needle clamp screw on the right side of the needle. Keep in mind that each machine brand varies and the location is slightly different. Your presser foot's toes will be surrounding your sewing needle.

    • 2). Lift the presser foot lever, generally located slightly above the presser foot in the back of the machine.

    • 3). Check for the presser foot thumbscrew generally located on the left side of the sewing needle. It will be holding the presser foot.

    • 4). Loosen the screw by turning it in the direction to release the presser foot. Refer to your sewing machine manual.

    • 5). Check the foot type according to your sewing machine guide. For example, a straight stitch foot has two equal toes. It stabilizes the fabric around the needle. A zigzag presser foot has the toes spread apart to accommodate the stitch. A hinged zipper foot has one toe. It has a sliding hinge to adjust the foot to the left or right side of the zipper tape.

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