How Does a Diamond Ring Wrap Enhance a Ring?

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    Enhancing Plain Rings

    • If a small diamond is purchased, it may be difficult to make it stand out from the band that surrounds it. This is usually true of a stone that is a quarter carat or less, as its size can be the equivalent of the band's width, making it difficult to notice the stone when it's placed against a shiny gold, silver or platinum backdrop. However, if you add wrapping around that stone, the intricate wrapping can add character to the ring, making it appear more sophisticated, large and detailed.

    Adding More Stones to a Ring

    • A wrap can also be an easy, affordable way to add more stones to a diamond ring. Though large, solitary diamonds are popular, many women prefer to wear multiple small stones because they can be arranged in different, creative ways. In addition to diamonds, one could add other stones, such as rubies, sapphires and amethysts, to the ring. People often add these types of stones to symbolize children or grandchildren. With a wrap, these stones can be encapsulated into the ring in many different fashions. They could wrap around the initial diamond, curve to the left or right, or point inwards or outwards.

    Serving as Wedding Bands

    • Though engagement rings are usually worn with matching wedding bands, today's engagement rings can be very intricate when it comes to their shapes and designs. Because of this, it can be difficult to find a wedding band that will complement every engagement ring style. Instead of spending a significant amount of money to have a custom wedding band made to match an engagement ring, many women are opting for engagement rings that have ring wraps. When used as a wedding band, these ring wraps usually wrap under the main diamond or to its sides, providing the illusion that there is an extra band, or at least an extra facet, to the ring. These wraps may contain smaller stones, such as pave diamonds, or they may be simple silver, gold or platinum bands. By incorporating the wedding band into the engagement ring, women can achieve a look that is sleeker, cleaner and more creative than having a custom band made that must now compete with an intricate engagement ring.

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