Free Work at Home Assembly Jobs - How to Avoid the Scams

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You probably think that all work at home assembly jobs are scams - I did, too, but I've discovered there are some genuine opportunities out there.
The trick is to search for them, rather than to respond to the ones that fill up your inbox every day.
The latter will likely request a fee up front - never pay as there is no need.
So what are these free jobs? Well, assembly jobs are those where an organization has something that needs putting together, and chooses to outsource the assembly of the product rather than pay full time staff to do so.
This saves them money, yet makes it for you! It could be that they need CD cases assembling, or craft items putting together, or it could be they need gift items finishing or novelty items making up, but whatever it is you will be given full and clear instructions, and an agreement on how much you will be paid and for how many completions.
Among the most common of assembly jobs are those that involve stuffing envelopes; companies that use mail drops often use home workers to put them together, and it can involve inserting a number of items into one envelope over and over again.
Assembly work is repetitive by nature, but it is also easy.
Stuffing envelopes is not rocket science, and can be done while you watch the television or listen to music.
Work at home assembly jobs are a great way of earning some extra money in your spare time - but remember, don't pay up front! ***
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