How Travelling Exposes You to Data Breach

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When you plan a holiday, you start with booking air tickets, doing a bit of shopping and having meals (probably) with your credit card. Experts say that when you are travelling, almost every activity you perform exposes you to the greater dangers of a data breach. The reason that you will be exposed to the cyber criminals because when you travel you like to visit tourist spots which are targeted by the e-crooks as they know that tourists are not equipped with many security tools. Almost 78 percent of the data exposed from the three industries.
The cyber criminals do not target only the big fishes of the industry. No matter what kind of data you have, and how strong you are financially. In fact, e-criminals prefer low hanging fruits that are easy to get and has less risk involved. Hackers psyche has changed a bit, they now believe in quantity, rather than quality. They like to target hundreds of people instead of fooling a company or an individual that can benefit them equal to hundred breaches. You will most likely lose your data when your information is in transit online. The hackers try to steal the information when it is travelling from one end to another.
When your data gets breached, means, when your debit card or credit card numbers are leaked, you will not notification overnight, especially if you are on a holiday. It will take days or probably weeks to get you notified. If the breach is in at a mass level, the company would likely to act more promptly. However, your confidential records leakage will not bind the company to issue you a new debit card or credit card. They would do all kinds of investigations regarding the data theft and then would most likely to issue you a new card.
The data theft is not itself harmful. But, the transactions that take place through your credit cards make you sweat. There are thousands of such debits and credit cards are stolen annually, and transactions worth millions of Dollars take place every year. That is really frightening. That is why; the online banking and money transactions are not backed by the cyber security experts. The world is witnessing an amazing increasing trend of data breaches and the relation between data breach and fraud is getting stronger day by day. Last year, more than 5 percent of the data breach victims also became the victim of fraud.
Data is one of the most precious assets that anyone can have, which is why it needs proper security measures. Information Technology experts advise to use data security software like Folder Lock that can protect your data from any kind of breach. Data security is such an issue that can stress you; it would be such a sigh of relief if you are sure that your data will not get breached. Seeing the trend of this tech world, experts say, the more secure your data, the securer will be you and your financial assets.

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