Painting A Door Frame

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Much like window frames and shudders take attention away from the actual window, door frames often gain more attention than the door. However, unlike window frames, door frames receive a lot more wear and tear than from just the weather.

Door frames get whacked by furniture, people, and kids and become grimy at certain points where they are constantly touched, especially those that are indoors. Did you ever notice the stains near door handles or close to a light switches inside the house?

The continuous rubbing of human skin and its oils in those areas leaves a residue, which after a while not only needs to be cleaned because of aesthetics but also because it could affect the actual paint.

If you find your home is in such a situation it may be time to paint the door frames. Since you cant just take them off the wall here are a few suggestions for how to go about the processes.

1.Remove all items from around the door. If necessary, scrape off paint. If not:
2.If you are painting both sides of the door frame and one side has hinges for the door you may want to remove the door temporarily.
3.Put down a drop cloth around the area you are planning to paint.
4.Wash down the frame removing as best as possible any dirt, grime, or stains. If the paint is still in descent condition dont scrub too hard with an abrasive sponge and dont use any harsh chemicals.
5.Allow to dry and check again.
6.Are there any cracks or holes that need work? If so, fill them with wood putty or caulk.
7.Lightly sand the frame, which will smoothen everything out and help the paint stick.
8.Dust off or clean with a moist rag.
9.Line the edges of the frame all around with painters tape.

When it comes to painting, the following steps assume the color you need is the same for both sides:
1.Apply primer, let dry.
2.Starting with the inside of the door frame applying paint to the top and then sides.
3.Then move to the back edge of the frame working around inward.
4.Let dry and if you choose apply a second coat.

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