Why Is Motor Home Gap Insurance Different?

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Motor homes are expensive with even modestly valued vehicles in excessive of fifty thousand pounds.
With that said the sale of motor homes even in today's economic climate seem to be bucking the tend and sales are constantly growing.
Year on year more and more of us are turning toward the pleasures and freedom of ownership.
This is in fact big business.
The Volkswagen and Audi group recently spent billions in the redesign and re-launch of the iconic Volkswagen camper in the form of the Volkswagen California.
With high sale prices and growing interest in the market, protecting the financial investment you have made would seem like a sensible option.
So what makes this style of gap insurance different and what other factors should you consider.
How do you know that you have bought the policy that is right for you? Contact your motor home insurance company and check if they offer you new for old style cover as part of your own motor insurance within the first twelve months.
If they do and you are happy with any terms and conditions they have you may want to consider a form of deferred protection.
This means that your gap insurance would start at the end of your own motor home insurance companies cover and can be pre dated for up to 12 months in advance.
Take a few moments and think about what you want your policy to do if your motor home is written off.
Simply clear any outstanding finance, protect the invoice price or perhaps the replacement cost even if it has gone up.
After all if you know exactly what will happen when your motor home is written off there can never be any unwelcome surprises.
Read any policy in full and check for any exclusions such as weight limits.
This means that in most cases your motor home will have to be under 3500kg, made for the UK market and listed in Glass's Guide.
Most policies will limit the number of days that you can spend abroad in any one trip.
The standard is sixty or ninety days.
Make sure that you are totally aware which limit yours had.
Even though motor homes do not devalue like any other vehicle it will still lose value over time and traditionally this is more than you may at first think.
So always think about sensible claim limits.
After all this is the greatest that you will be able to claim from your gap insurance policy on top of your own motor homes valuation n the day it is written off, no matter what style of cover or time you originally elected for.
Which ever type of policy you have an unsuitable claim limit will leave you exposed.
So to summarise, check if your own motor insurance company offers new for old and if so think about a deferred policy.
Choose a level of cover that will perform in the way that you want it to.
Always read all policy documentation and check for any extra, weight or time limits.
Remember that no matter what had been discussed it is the policy terms and conditions that will form the basis of any gap insurance claim you make.
Always allow for a higher claim limit, bear in mind that the average vehicle will lose up to fifty per cent with three years even you motor home.
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