Thin Brows Are NOT in These Days! Is Transplantation a Solution for Thin Eyebrows?

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Although there are only 400 to 550 hairs in a brow but they make an important contribution to facial symmetry and a person's general appearance. Especially in case of women without eyebrows may she feels low self-esteem or less attractive. Hair transplantation surgery in this area can not only restore lost eyebrows or eyelashes, but in many cases also restores a person's sense of €wholeness.€

What are causes of thin eyebrows?

Generally, people get thin eyebrows when they do over-plucking. This problem often begins with the start of aging process. Some people lost eyebrows after facial burns or injuries. Other causes are tattoo making in brows, thyroid disorders, genetic conditions, and autoimmune disorders.

How eyebrow transplantation is performed at Cocoona?

Our surgeon uses follicle unit extraction technique for restoring eyebrows. This technique is quite advanced and offers remarkable results. This surgery is performed under local anesthesia and surgeon takes 1-4 hours for its completion.
Surgeon first extracts individual follicle units from back of ear, usual donor area. Actually, hairs of this region are finer & matches in size, texture and color with eyebrow' hairs. Scalp hair can't be used since they are coarse and eyebrow needs fine hair. Surgeon numbs donor and recipient sites before starting the surgery. Once hairs are removed from the donor area, hair transplant surgeon turns these FUs into grafts and then place them into recipient site. He prepares recipient sites with small and sharp punch needles. He places grafts into their designated places in a way that direction and angle of transplanted hair matches exactly with lost hair.

Side effects of Eyebrow transplant?

Some minimal temporary effects of this surgery are swelling, tenderness, redness but will be released in 3 to 4 days into normal.

Cost of Eyebrow Transplantation at Cocoona

The best attraction for candidates wishing for eyebrows enhancement is that cost is very less than scalp transplantation. The less cost is due to low quantity of grafts required to implant into the eyelashes and brows. Cost varies 8,000 AED (UAE Dirhams) to 14,000 AED (UAE Dirhams). Cocoona center for hair transplantation is an ideal place to get your brows restored. Center has great cosmetic surgeon with artistic skill and wide experience of eyebrow transplantation.

Being a consultant, I would like to say that the procedure of eyebrow hair restoration requires the greatest of skill and artistry to re-frame the face's features. It is one of the first things a person sees when looking at another person. Eyebrow hair replacement surgery also requires more skill and artistic sensibility because the eyebrow grows almost parallel to the skin surface.
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