Articulating The experiential Environment

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Brands were traditionally perceived as an identity given to a product. But the scenario changed when emotional attributes which connects the consumers to the brand soon took a lime light. The key to the success of any brand is the kind of experience it gives to the customers and while marketing, advertising and promotions have always acted as agents of enticement to them, these activities have also enhanced the expectations from the brand and any mismatch perceived by the customer between what the brand promises and what it delivers can result in varying levels of emotion from loyalty to indifference to contempt. Experience is a reality check between the brands DNA, its communication (ATL, BTL, Promotions and Digital media) and its delivery. In an emerging and rapidly growing market like India while there has been a distinct and perceptible development of identity and communication the lacunae has been on the delivery side especially at the point of sale. It is the peoples encounter that shapes the brands perception which in turn leads to growth and profitability rather than merely creating communication touch points.

Every brand works on a marketing plan. The marketing plan should include engaging promotional activities that let the customers get involved with the brand. Usually these promotional activities are planned by the advertising agencies or by branding agency. The advertising agencies develop a campaign which can be then taken forward to the retail stores in an engagement promotional activity.

Branding agency suggests the brands and retailers to adapted excellent promotional practices in building retail environments using design, technology, and presentations and to a fair extent brought in employee training programmes but have rarely built up an opportunity for these employees at the front end to understand, adapt and live the brand to create an experiential environment creating a coherence between the brand identity, its communication and what it needs to deliver. This can help give a live experience of the brand to the customers.

To live the brand the retailers and the employees have to find out how a positive outcome is brought about using a cause and effect scenario. Some of the key areas to highlight here are the impact on the brands image, the impact of the delivery on the employees growth and future prospects and how customer engagement is actually more art than science and hence if cultivated and lived up to can enhance the brand experience on an emotional level
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