The Sunshine Coast Is Just A Hop, Skip, And A Jump Away From Brisbane

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Perhaps you have considered traveling to the lovely country of Australia or maybe you have even been to Sydney or Melbourne but were looking to see and learn just a little bit more about this natural wonderland.
By far one of the most incredible things about this region is the many diverse experiences that it offers visitors from around the world.
One of the most special aspects of Australia is the way in which most of the population lives within the confines of the major cities and between the cities lays natural, untouched greenland and rainforest throughout.
This unique landscape is by far one of the attributes that make it such an attractive tourist region but it is also an aspect that makes it hard to see all the different areas at once because the cities are so spread out.
Two areas that are very close together and are both very popular are the regions of Brisbane and the nearby Sunshine Coast.
Less than an hour apart by car permits visitors to experience both regions on just one trip to either region.
They are actually both so close together and so popular that there are numerous modes of public transportation that go back and forth several times a day between the two making it uncomplicated for visitors to see both without having to even rent a motor vehicle.
Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia and provides a lot of tourist experiences, parks, dining, culture, and shopping experiences.
There are also an assortment of hotels, serviced apartments, and even backpacker hostels spread throughout the city making finding a place to stay as simple as pie.
Most people prefer to stay in Brisbane because it has the larger of the airports and so most who are visiting the region come through that airport anyway.
Plus staying in Brisbane provides tourists many opportunities within walking distance eliminating the need for picking up an international rental car.
Getting to the Sunshine Coast is a piece of cake via bus or train and while there are lots of tourist attractions inside the city of Brisbane there are also a variety of unique tourist attractions all around the Sunshine Coast area as well.
And of course, with moderate temperatures across the region year round any day can be a beach day on the Sunshine Coast.
Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast go hand in hand.
Any tourist who is vacationing to Brisbane, Australia must be sure to allow at least a few extra days to experience the impressive Sunshine Coast as well.
Both are filled with unique tourist attractions and phenomenal natural wonders and they are the perfect compliments to one another making for a spectacular getaway.
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