How a Mentor Can Help Your Success

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Have you ever heard the saying, "If you want to be successful surround yourself with successful people and do what they do?" It works.
Don't worry, I'm not talking about being a "groupie.
" There's a huge difference between surrounding yourself with successful people so you can live vicariously through them and really studying the actions, preparation, motivation, character and even mistakes of someone who has achieved true success.
Yes, even their mistakes -- because sometimes the best lessons to be learned are what NOT to do.
You might think that no one really wants to share his or her mistakes with you.
After all, if they have already achieved success the last thing they are going to be interested in doing is focusing on something negative, right? Not necessarily.
Successful people are exactly that because they don't dwell on the past but instead view their mistakes as a learning experience that allows them to find the solution that does work, and they continually look forward to bigger and better things.
A truly successful person remembers where they came from and is usually more than willing to reach out to others as a mentor.
They are passionate about what they bring to the world and many times want to create a legacy and keep the torch burning.
A truly successful person knows they need to focus on three things.
WHY they are doing what they are doing? WHAT do they need to know to be successful? WHO do they need to know to be successful? The WHY is the passion that gets a person started in a certain direction in the first place.
It's the desire to achieve something.
It's the reason a person spends long hours learning, practicing, studying and focusing on the one thing that they care enough about to spend the rest of their lives doing.
The WHAT are the action steps and the practical implemental solutions.
The WHO are the mentors, teachers, guides, coaches or anyone who serves as an example in our lives.
Without having mentors many people are forever "GOING" to be successful but never quite get there (and often have no idea why.
) The key to finding a good mentor is to look at where they have been and where they are now.
You want to find the "after" of your "before.
" When you do this, your mentor will naturally pull you toward your "after.
" What about you? Are you someone who has done your homework, learned the ropes, laid the groundwork and put in the long hours but feel success is still beyond your reach? Maybe you need to think about who you know.
Are you spending time with others who have walked your path more successfully than you? Do you have someone you can turn to when questions come up that you can't answer? Is there someone who can take you by the hand and tell you what NOT to do to save you unnecessary stress? Do you have a mentor and/or a coach who can help you with your WHY, WHAT and WHO and will help pull you toward your goals? Who you know can truly be the difference between striving for success and finding it.
Your Action Plan for the Week: 1.
Be clear on your WHY, WHAT, and WHO.
Look around you and make sure that you are surrounding yourself with people who are the after of your before.
Search out a mentor that will be a good fit for you and accelerate your success rate.
I have been a mentor, educator, and coach for many years.
It's my passion.
I strategically and enthusiastically pull my clients toward their goals.
If it's time for you to find a mentor, let's talk.
We'll find out if I am the "after" of your "before!"
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