The Best Supplements to Prevent Heart Disease

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For years it was thought that taking vitamins B, C and E would help prevent heart disease.
But now, after some recent research, it has been determined that those supplements don't really do whole lot to prevent heart disease.
We do, however, have a list of supplements that can help prevent heart disease.
  • Vitamin D.
    Vitamin D help arteries to relax and improves circulation, which is how it keeps blood pressure in check.
    Researchers say that people with high levels of vitamin D in their blood are half as likely to develop heart disease as those with low levels of vitamin D.
    The recommended dosage of vitamin D is 1,000 IU daily--but it needs to be D3 which is the type of vitamin D that your skin produces when it gets a lot of exposure to the sun.
  • Magnesium.
    Researchers at the University of North Carolina found that you can reduce your risk of heart disease by 76% if you can keep levels of magnesium high in your system.
    Magnesium prevents plaque buildup and heals artery walls by preventing the build-up of artery-clogging plaque.
    Magnesium is also good for correcting irregular heartbeats, also known as arrhythmias.
    The recommended dosage is 400 to 750 mg.
    per day, but be sure and not exceed this dosage as magnesium can upset your stomach.
  • Calcium.
    Calcium is good for raising your good cholesterol levels (also known as HDL) and lowering your bad cholesterol levels (also known as LDL).
    Researchers believe that calcium improves the liver's ability to keep cholesterol levels in check.
    The recommended dosage is two 500-mg.
    tablets per day.
  • Fish oil.
    It's no secret that fish oil is known for its heart-healing powers.
    Fish oil can improve your cholesterol counts and it will also lower your triglyceride levels.
    This will make your blood less likely to clot.
    Try to take at least 3 grams of fish oil daily or eat about 4 ounces of fish daily.
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