Which Affiliate Product To Promote?

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Now that the range of affiliate programs and products is so very high, you may sometimes feel overwhelmed as to which one to choose to promote.
You may have heard horror stories about the quality of some of the programs and products out there.
But don't burden yourself too much with choices, since all you need do is to follow a few key points that I tell you further on.
• The very first thing is the obvious one: Do some research about the product or program you want to promote.
Start by choosing a subject you like or are interested about and find a product that appeals to you and that you think is going to help your prospects.
If you would buy it, then they might too.
• Consider a product that is not refunded at all.
This refers to the quality and it can be easily found out on the stats that vendor networks put out for the affiliates to study.
Choose one that is popular and pays high commissions! Or if the program is low priced, look for conversions %s.
• By doing the research, you come to find that, the good products to promote, generally have lots of testimonials and are in high demand.
• Look out for membership programs to promote since these have residual commissions or on going commissions which are very profitable for your business.
Remember that many people stay in these memberships long after they stopped participating in them, giving you easy extra cash.
• Pay attention to those products that offer good affiliate tools for you to use in your promoting efforts.
The greater the resources that the vendor provides for you, the easier promoting that product will become for you.
• Obviously you are not going to promote products whose vendors are not helping you with your promotion efforts.
Promoting in this way costs you time and make it more difficult for you to earn money.
• Use the power of forums to know the prospect's objections to the programs or products you want to promote, and use those concerns up front in your promotion efforts and then resolve them by ending with the best things about the program or product or on how best the product solve the prospects' problem.
• Another thing that is so beneficial for your promoting efforts is to get to know the product well and becoming an expert about it.
Then, pass on your knowledge in your promotion efforts and your prospects will welcome this and purchase more of your offers.
• Don't bother with affiliate programs that want to charge you to join in.
Just get in for free, and enjoy making commissions doing your affiliate marketing.
Look out for affiliate programs that offer all kind of stats that help you to know your conversions rate, number of impressions, how many sales already generated etc.
The more informed you are about what you are doing the better.
• Look out also for the hits per sale ratio.
What is the average number of hits it takes to get a sale? These stats warn you about the traffic you must bring in to get commissions from the sale.
Do a search for the main affiliate networks and choose the ones that you feel are the easiest to get accounts with.
They are mostly free and very helpful with lots of tutorials and information, and note the retention amount that they impose on you before they start paying you! From then on you'll get your payments on time bi-weekly or monthly, although some pay you every week! German Calvo
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