How to Build Your Own Toddler Bed and Twin Bed

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    • 1). Set the two 8-foot 2 x 8 pieces onto the table saw and cut them into 55 1/2 inch and 28 inch pieces. Discard the leftover wood.

    • 2). Form a rectangle with the longer pieces laying on the outside and screw the boards together. Place two screws at each junction.

    • 3). Sand the top and outside of the bed pieces with a rotating sander and 90 grit sandpaper to remove any rough edges. Then, sand again with the 120 grit until the wood is smooth.

    • 4). Cut two of the 8-foot 2 x 4's into four 28 inch pieces. Save the leftover wood for step nine.

    • 5). Space these pieces 18 inches apart inside the bed frame and level with the bottom of the frame.

    • 6). Screw into place fastening the two side pieces on the inside with the drywall screws. Bore a small hole for the outside screws using your drill bits and sink the screw into the hole. Place a drop of wood glue into the holes and cover the screws with a plug.

    • 7). Cut out the corner posts with the remaining 2 x 4 pieces. The front corner posts should be 27 3/4 inches and the back posts should be 20 1/2 inches.

    • 8). Fasten the posts into position by sinking the screws as in step six. Each post should have two screws fastening to the bed-frame.

    • 9). Cut the headboard and footboard pieces from the remaining 2 by 4 inch wood. Cut three pieces measuring 31 7/8 inches. Discard the leftover wood.

    • 10

      Sand and fasten these pieces with one sunk screw placed into each and several finishing nails, also slightly sunk.

    • 11

      Cut out the mattress support board from the plywood. The board should measure 28 by 54 inches.

    • 12

      Set the board into position, it should fit snugly against the sides of the frame.

    • 13

      Fill the nail holes with wood filler and leave to dry.

    • 14

      Sand the entire bed a final time and sand the wood filler spaces even with the rest of the wood.

    • 15

      Stain and varnish as desired.

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