The Effect of Internet With Reading - Is it Good Or Bad?

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Looking back at the time the Internet was first invented, it should have good effects on the readers' habits.
There are no more pages to be turned, fresh information on any topic are widely available and fresh.
It can be a real haven! News from anywhere in the world is instantly available on the Internet.
Any search engines will deliver the news you need to read right into your computer.
The newspapers are not as important anymore as it used to be.
Nevertheless, the Internet reading has received some speculations regarding the credibility of the information available to the public.
Newspaper companies have claimed that online news is written with exaggeration to get the attention of the public.
It has caused numbers of people in questioning and believing that the contents of the Internet are not as reliable and true as first claimed.
This has caused people to just scan the Internet information and not actually read them.
On the other hand, it is still a good way for children to learn and read since the 3D animations can provide a new interest for any child.
The Internet is indeed a good source for education since it still has all those wealth of information we need.
Reading online versus a book or the newspaper must depend on what you need and want.
A book can still be a relaxing material for reading when relaxation is desired.
Reading outdoors under a tree in the park or in the garden is an experience that cannot be achieved when reading online.
It is also not a very healthy and good habit to do your reading in front of the computer before bedtime.
Moreover, online reading will keep you awake than make you relax and ready for bed.
This is because the flickering monitor keeps your eyes active and your brain alive than relaxed and sleepy.
Reading from the Internet is a really different experience than reading from a book.
However, even a good and interesting online book can never replace the pleasure an individual can get from reading a real book.
It just proves that not everything can be replaced by modern technology.
Putting modern technology into good use like online reading depends on the need and requirement of the moment.
However, your judgment is highly required to allow you to know which information will be good and reliable for your research or study.
On the other hand, if online reading will be used for research and report submissions, it will be wise to get a book for your reference.
Moreover, it will be wise to watch and research well about the company or person maintaining the website you choose to get your information.
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