Free Weights - Pros and Cons

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You have decided to lose some weight, get fit, and tone up.
Let's start then.
Many are overwhelmed by the choices.
They head to a gym and see a sea of machines and free weights.
What to use? We will look at the pros and cons of using free weights.
First the positions in favor as well as the reasons supporting: The number one point in support for using free weights when exercising is going to be that it best mimics real life.
When you lift or move anything in real life it is in three dimensions.
This is what is called "free-form.
" Typically exercise machines limit your body's range of motion to two dimensions.
Stability cannot be built with the machines.
The secondary positive point is they are typically much cheaper than exercise machines.
Exercise machines can cost thousands of dollars.
The third supporting point is going to be that free weights take up less space where you will be exercising.
With the innovation of space saving selectable dumbbells that use a pin to select the weight; one does not have to devote an entire room to weight storage.
Just select the weight and off you go.
A fourth big benefit is body size.
No matter what your body size is you can use free weights.
Some body frames may have a hard time fitting into a workout machine.
If you are very tall or short you may have a hard time using an exercise machine.
And finally, the fifth point is maintenance.
Machines will have moving parts such as straps, cables, pulleys and so forth.
These need to be oiled, greased, and inspected.
If maintenance is not performed injury can occur.
Imagine weight being supported by frayed cables or pushing and pulling with a pulley that has a hard time turning.
And on the other side, for balance, the Con side, against: Firstly, the point against is going to be you may want to have a spotter with certain exercises.
One example is the bench press.
If you fail on the bench press you will need someone to help to lift it up.
However this can also be true with machines, although it may not be as immediate.
Think about this.
You have been moving up in weight on a machine and now it is time to move the same weight in real life.
With a machine, chances are you did not strengthen the entire body to prevent injury.
The second point in contra is that technique is more of a concern than if you were to use machines.
With a machine the lifter will only have to concentrate on moving the weight The third point in contra is going to be they can be less user friendly than machines.
Most machines are intuitive how the weight is moved.
A fourth negative point will be stability.
With machine weights there is only one way to move them.
This can give a beginner confidence in their weight training.
However, it also means that one will not build the stability to get off the machines if you stick with machines.
The fifth and last, consideration against is time.
Free weights can take a long time to change weights, especially when a person starts using barbells.
A machine can be easy to jump on and off.
So there we have all the arguments for each side.
Ultimately it is up to you to decide.
But it is typically agreed upon that at some point to make real progress free weights must be incorporated into one's fitness plan.
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