How to Change the Color of a Label on an Access Form

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    • 1). Go to Microsoft Access and open the database file you want to customize. Click on "Forms" under "Objects" to display the forms in the database.

    • 2). Choose the form you want to update and switch to "Design" view. Select the label on the form and click on the "Fill, Back Color" button from the toolbar to open it. Then browse to the color you want and pick it. To change the border color for your label, click on the "Line/Border Color" button and find the color you want.

    • 3). Do the same for other labels on the form. You can give each label a color of its own if you like.

    • 4). Change the colors of the text for your label to match your taste, especially if the text is not visible or if it clashes with other colors. To change text colors, first select the label that includes the text and then click on the "Font/Fore Color" button in the toolbar.

    • 5). Choose your text color. Repeat Step 4 to update your other text label colors.

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