You Are The Expert On Your Weight Loss Program

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You are unique; no one else looks just like you or has your personality.
Did you know that biologically you are unique as well? Certain foods affect us in different ways; even healthy foods can make our tummy flip-flop.
For example, when I eat more than a handful of kale I have stomach pains.
Kale is one of those super foods yet I must find alternatives to get my daily dose phyto-nutrients.
We have been told how to eat, what to eat and when to eat.
We try programs, plans, pills and potions that promise fast and lasting weight loss.
Yet we white knuckle our days attempting to be perfect and we may have some success but for 95% of us the weight returns.
As a result, we blame ourselves and we wonder "what is wrong with me?" In actuality, you didn't fail.
Rather, the program failed you because the plan did not honor your unique bio-individuality.
We have been taught that we don't know what is best for our bodies and that the answer falls outside of ourselves.
As a Holistic Health Coach, I help my clients become their own weight release expert.
When you tap into your expert status your healthy lifestyle plan will fall into place naturally and weight loss happens.
How do you become the expert on your body? Follow the AFAT Lifestyle plan and you will be the expert in record time and as a result, lasting weight loss will be yours for the taking.
AFAT is an acronym that stands for Awareness * Focus * Action *Tweak.
Awareness: Nothing moves forwards without awareness.
To open your eyes to your expert status slow down and notice how you feel after eating a meal.
Are you energized or tired? Do you have a headache after eating something? Logging your food is the fastest way to becoming conscious to what you are eating and how these foods affect you.
Logging your food takes 30 seconds and will provide priceless insights.
To further your awareness, notice your hunger levels and track them.
I help my clients use the hunger scale where 1 is that feeling when another entity takes over and you devour every morsel in within hands reach while 10 being unbutton your pants stuffed.
Ideally, our bodies like us to eat when we are at a hunger level of 3 and stop when we are at a 7.
Determining what a 3 feels like is totally unique to you.
Use your body as a laboratory and experiment to determine what foods work for you and what hunger levels are ideal for your body.
Since we are all bio-individual my 3 will be different from your 3.
Focus: What are all the DIEt programs that you have used in the past? Write them down.
What aspects did you like? Write those down, what aspects did you not like? Let those go.
In addition, do you do better with mini-meals or 3 meals a day? Do you have a sweet tooth or is salt more you thing? Finally, write down all those foods that don't agree with your unique body.
You will know that from being more aware of what you are eating.
Action: create your plan by including what works for your body and let go of what doesn't work.
Name your program because it is yours.
Finally make up some rules that work for you.
For example; my program calls for 5 meals a day with a big breakfast, a medium lunch and a small dinner.
I stop eating after 7pm most nights.
Finally, I have dessert every Saturday night and enjoy it immensely! Tweak: Creating your lifestyle plan requires constant negotiation, reviewing and tweaking.
We are not perfect and our food plan won't be perfect either.
We can still have massive weight release with an imperfect plan.
In addition, as our bodies transform we will need to tweak our programs.
The key is to always be aware, focus on what works and let go of what doesn't work and take action.
when you use the AFAT Lifestyle plan you will feel good, have energy, and lose weight without feeling deprived.
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