Discover How Vitamin D3 Functions in Your Body - A Brief Overview

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Do you want to know more about vitamin D3? Many people are not aware that vitamin D has two main forms: D2 and D3.
Vitamin D2 is primarily derived from cereals and milk while the D3 variant is produced through natural synthesis.
You probably know already that vitamin D is also known as the sunshine vitamin.
That is because humans get most of their D vitamins supply from sunlight.
When sunlight strikes your skin, it activates a natural synthesis that produces vitamin D3, and this is why you need plenty of sunlight.
Even if your work requires you to stay indoors, you still have to take time to go out in order to get the right amount of sunshine vitamins.
Without D3 vitamin, you will surely suffer from a deficiency.
The next question is then how does vitamin D3 function in your body? Here is a general overview that could help you appreciate the value of this vitamin.
Chief Functions of Vitamin D3 When sunlight is absorbed by your skin, it will be synthesized to form the D3 vitamin.
This will be transported through your bloodstream.
As the more active form of vitamin D, it can be absorbed and stored in the fats.
The body then will use the stored vitamin D for optimizing the body's usage of calcium.
Although considered a form of vitamin, vitamin D3 has hormone-like characteristics.
It becomes more like a hormone when your liver and kidney starts the process of synthesis.
When this happens, it will become an essential nutrient that could facilitate the proper absorption of calcium and phosphorous that you get from your daily diet.
The good news about Vitamin D3 is that it is the only vitamin that your body can produce naturally.
Without any effort on your part, this vitamin will be synthesized.
The key is to get the proper amount of sunlight in order to start the process.
Hazards of D3 Vitamin Deficiency Your body needs vitamin D to function properly.
Without it, especially in D3 form, you may display some serious symptoms of deficiencies.
Your overall wellness and good health could be affected if you suffer from vitamin D3 deficiency.
For example, if your body is suffering from a deficiency of this vitamin, then there is a big possibility that you could experience some form of bone disorders.
Typical symptoms would include bone and joint pains, frequent falls, and burning sensations in the mouth and throat.
For small children, they could suffer from symptoms of rickets and could also suffer from decreased immunity from common illnesses.
So it is very important to get the right amount of vitamin D3 everyday in order to avoid a deficiency.
The recommended daily allowance for this vitamin is 600 IU to 800 IU.
The key to get the right amount of vitamin D3 is to go outdoors to absorb more sunlight.
You should also eat the right foods that are rich in vitamin D such as milk, cereals, liver, egg yolk, and some dairy products.
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