How to Fix Unlevel Concrete

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    • 1). Remove all objects from the surface of the concrete floor.

    • 2). Sweep or vacuum up all dirt and debris from the floor.

    • 3). Pour the degreaser onto the concrete floor and allow it to settle for 15 minutes.

    • 4). Scrub the floor vigorously with a stiff, plastic-bristled brush to remove any oil stains and marks from the surface.

    • 5). Rinse the floor with a garden hose and allow the surface to dry completely before continuing the project.

    • 6). Pour the latex primer into a paint tray and apply a single, even coat of the primer onto the concrete surface with a paint roller. Allow the primer to dry overnight.

    • 7). Identify the low spots in the surface. It is important that you locate the unlevel spots first before applying the compound so that you can work quickly on those spots.

    • 8). Mix the self-leveling compound and cold tap water quickly in the plastic bucket with a trowel. Read the side of the compound package for the proper ratio of water and the desired consistency.

    • 9). Pour the compound into the low spots on the concrete floor and gently smooth over with a trowel. Work quickly, because the compound will fully cure within 30 minutes of application. You can apply your flooring material to the concrete 24 hours after application of the compound.

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