How to Grow Pepper Plants Inside

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    • 1). Grow pepper seeds in a ceramic or clay pot with drainage holes. Fertilize them with compost-based fertilizer that has equal proportions of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (commonly labeled 15-15-15). Cover the seeds with rich organic potting soil, and make sure they have plenty of room for roots to grow and for leaves to expand, so they can produce fruit.

    • 2). Place pepper plants close to windows, so they can soak up the bright light; they will need 14 to 16 hours per day. The farther you put them from a window, the less light they will get. So keep them close, with light shining directly over them from about six to seven inches. You can tell when the plants are getting enough light, because their leaves and stems will be light in weight and dark green in color.

    • 3). Water pepper plants when the soil surface is slightly dry to touch; use enough water that it runs out the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. Do not overwater, and if you use a saucer to catch overflow, do not allow your pepper plant to sit in it for too long, or the roots will rot. How often you water your pepper plants will depend on breed, size, and time of the year.

    • 4). Remember, pepper plants like room temperatures; like humans, some prefer a warmer climate and others like temperatures that are more moderate. It all depends on the breeds you are growing.

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