A Musical Jewelry Box Makes an Excellent Treasure

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A musical jewelry box can be a very sentimental gift.
Young girls delight in having a box for their own treasures and the music the box plays will be forever locked away in memories.
Women also enjoy having jewelry boxes to hold their most precious items, including family heirlooms and other valuable jewelry.
Musical jewelry boxes come in different sizes and styles.
It is easy to find something for everyone.
Musical jewelry boxes vary in style, size, and price.
Beware; size is not an indicator of price.
Many small jewelry boxes cost more than larger ones.
Price is dependent on the material the box is made of.
Even though musical jewelry boxes can be more expensive than non-musical ones, a price cannot be put on the memories the owner will associate with the box.
There are many places to find these.
Kohl's offers a small selection for young girls and for more mature buyers.
However, the price does rise drastically for an elegant wooden jewelry box.
The average price at Kohl's is $80.
Outside of shopping at retail stores, websites such as Amazon and eBay offer consumers a wide range of options.
On eBay's website prices start as low as $0.
Musical jewelry boxes also make valuable family heirlooms.
Often a mother will pass her jewelry box on to her daughter, and so on and so forth.
Having such a treasured item passed down makes each person who receives it feel special.
Musical jewelry boxes can carry meaning in the songs that are played, the painting on or design of the boxes, or even the items in them.
Of course, the person who understands the meaning of the box the most is the original recipient.
So, if you are looking for the perfect gift for a woman or young girl, consider a musical jewelry box.
The options are endless when it comes to making the gift personal.
Whether it is an old family heirloom or a brand new box, it carries meaning because it will hold so many prized items.
It also might not hurt to put a piece of jewelry in the box to start her off!
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