5 Easy Steps to Turn a Pillowcase into a Skirt

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Upcycle a Pillowcase into a Skirt

Recycle a pillowcase to make a sweet skirt. This is the easiest skirt to make because it's practically already made for you. The top of the pillowcase already has a drawstring casing and the sides are already sewn.

I have added a variation on the basic pillowcase skirt design with some gathered side slits and ribbon. These gathered sides make the skirt easy to walk in and coordinates with the drawstring ribbon.

What You'll Need:
Once you have gathered your materials, we can get started.
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Cut Bottom of Pillowcase

Cut off the bottom of the pillow along the sewn seam to make a tube. Try on the skirt to see how long it will be. If you would like it shorter, mark it with chalk while you're trying it one.

Next, you can cut slits on the sides.

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Measure and Cut the Side Slits

Putting small slits down each side of the skirt will make it easier to walk in. Use your measuring tape to mark 6" from the bottom on each side of the pillowcase. Cut up the side of the pillowcase to your mark.

In the next step, we will put holes in the slits so that we can add lacing.

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Cut Holes for the Ribbon

We will add ribbon to your side slits to give the skirt a nice gathered look at the bottom. You don't have to do this part, you can simply leave your side slits as they are. The lacing helps to give the skirt a finished look.

Use a grommet punch or simply a pair of scissors. a grommet punch makes this step much quicker. Make a small hole at the top of the slit, cutting through both layers. Keep about a half inch from the edge of your slit.

Continue to make holes every inch until you have made five holes and reached the 4" mark on your measuring tape. Use the photo above as a guide.

When your holes are in place, add the ribbon

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Add the Ribbon and Gather

Thread the ribbon through the first two holes until you get to the middle of the ribbon. Open your side slit and lace the ribbon through the holes in the side of the fabric that the ribbon is on. Don't crisscross the ribbon to the other side. use the above photo as a guide.

Push up on the fabric, gathering it loosely. Tie the ribbon in a bow on each side.

Next we will cut and stitch the drawstring holes.

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Find the side of your skirt that has the seam. This seam should be sewn all the way up the pillowcase. You will need to put a hole on each side of this seam for your drawstring.

Carefully snip a 1/2" long cut on each side. You can stop here, but if you want your drawstring holes to be durable, you should take the time to sew the above 'buttonhole stitch' along each opening.

Now you'll thread the drawstring to finish.

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Measure out a piece of ribbon that is 4" longer than the waist of your skirt.

Attach a safety pin to the ribbon and push it through one drawstring hole. Scrunch it through the fabric until it comes out of the other hole. Remove the safety pin and you're done.

  • Try this project with fun character pillow cases. I've found some great 80's cartoon pillowcases at the thrift store.
  • Add a patch to your skirt that matches your ribbon.

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