Chocolate Fountain Catering Is Fun, Delicious, And Can Save You Money

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Should you provide chocolate fountains at your next wedding, party or corporate event? Chocolate fountains not only provide a delicious treat for your guests but they produce a unique visual experience as well.
Did you know that chocolate fountain catering is less expensive than most other catered events? It's true! You can use a variety of different chocolates, including milk, dark and white chocolate.
You could choose to go a healthier route and have cheese or even ranch dressing in the fountain.
What other catering option can offer so many choices and we haven't even started with the dipping items? You could choose between a variety of cookies, pretzels, pineapple, strawberries, apples, grapes, marshmallows, and just about anything else your creative mind can think of.
(try to avoid dipping items, such as cake, that would fall apart in the fountain).
Catering with a touch of fun.
They are interactive and keep your guests engaged.
Dipping cookies in the warm flowing chocolate ads that little adventure, with your guests wondering if they could get just a little more chocolate on that cookie.
There are several different sizes to choose from.
Choose the extra-large 44 inch fountain and you have a centerpiece this going to catch your guests attention.
The large 36 inch fountains are great alone or in pairs and then the medium 27" fountains can be used by themselves or in a combination with one or more of the larger fountains.
You pick your chocolate fountain centerpiece to fit the size of your event and the amount of "bang" you want from your catered event.
Chocolate fountain catering costs less.
For just a couple of dollars per person you can feed and provide a fun experience for your guests.
Full service, traditional catering will cost you much more and it's not interactive.
However, a combination of the fountains and full service catering works well too.
A dessert bar would be a great addition to traditional catering.
Many think of chocolate fountains and they think of a big mess.
Today we have drip guards available to contain that potential mess.
The set up time and clean up times are significantly less due to the fact that the fountains are cleaned up off site.
Providing chocolate fountains at your event will add a fun and delicious activity your guests will enjoy.
It cost less than most catered events, offer more variety and they add the 'wow' effect that your guests will remember.
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