How to Make a Balloon Arch

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    • 1). Set up the frame for your balloon arch according to your height and width measurements. Set the frame in its permanent location, if at all possible. You can lay it on its side to make it easier to attach the balloons.

    • 2). Measure enough nylon line for your arch, if you are using helium. Allow extra to tie off the ends.

    • 3). Cut a hole in the piece of cardboard the desired width of an inflated balloon. As you blow up balloons, place them in the hole to make sure the balloons are a uniform size.

    • 4). Inflate two balloons by the method you prefer. Tie the ends together. Blow up two more balloons. Tie them together. Twist the four balloons together into a cluster. If you a using multiple colors, pair the correct colors together as you work.

    • 5). Start at one of the arch's frame. Attach the balloon cluster to the frame for air-filled balloons. Attach helium-filled balloons to the nylon cord.

    • 6). Repeat the previous step until the arch is complete. Snug each cluster of balloons closely together.

    • 7). Set the arch frame upright, if you worked on the arch with it on its side. Anchor the helium balloon arch to weights on either end.

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