The rise up of Belstaff leather jacket

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In the film world, Belstaff leather jacket is always enormously exaggerated, such as in the "Dark Knight", "X-Men", "The Underworld", "I am legend" and the recent "The Expendables". Nowadays, autumn new clothes on the shelf. They are not only fashionable, but also let you addicted to the fur legend. In 1994, "Belstaff" was born as a nylon material of Belstaff, which can breathe freely in hot days.In 1995, "Beltech" was born as a better material in waterproof, breathe and protection.

In 1996, Franco Malenotti set Belstaff fashion company. The foundation speeds up the steps of the brand on the clothing market. Belstaff have a smart propaganda team. The team often makes use of the media to advertise products. One advertising strategy is to sponsor the Hollywood blockbusters. Belstaff has sponsored a lot of famous movies. The brand of leather jacket always appeared in Marlon Brando's films, which improved the brand's leather jacket to be more famous. Sponsoring Hollywood stars to make movies is absolutely one of the effective publicity strategies to Belstafff. The Ocean Twelve in 2004, The Aviator and The War of The Worlds in 2005, as well as X-Men, Superman Returns, Mission Impossible and The Departed in 2006, all these films once were sponsored costume by Belstaff.

With its famous reputation and high sales, Belstaff has got a number of honourable reputation, especially for its leather jackets. On July 8, 2009, Belstaff leather jacket was the designated proprietary dress for the G8 leaders. Belstaff even launched a limited edition black leather jacket for the leaders. At the same time, the brand designed the delicate women's dust coat for the first ladies. The boss of Belstaff--Manuele Malenotti once indicated to Reuters," Each jacket is tailored and has the signature of Italian prime minister silvio berlusconi". In 2004, his branch company purchased the brand. There is a Italian flag and the G8 sign on the right chest pocket of the black jacket. The jacket is made from light and durable cotton. The jacket is not only waterproof, but also has good air permeability.

The style of Belstaff jacket returns to the traditional and durable fashion line. The other adventure dress brands, such as T.E. Lawrence and Che Guevara, always go along with the line. Malenotti said that because the G8 was held in L'Aquila, so they wanted to show something about safe and protection. When the Summit meeting was over, the new jacket would also sell to the public. The hundredth of the sales income would be donated to the earthquake foundation to support L'Aquila's local people. After Labelux Group bought Belstaff, it planed to expand the development of brand. Tommy Hilfiger and Harry Slatkin would join the plan too.

Tommy Hilfiger and Harry Slatkin are 15 years of good friends, who both invest Belstaff. Through this purchase, Harry Slatkin will be the CEO of Belstaff and Tommy will take up the post of the board member and business consultant. Harry Slatkin has established a new team, but he has not publish the designers at present. Up to now, nearly 95% Sales Volume of Belstaff is in Europe, the brand will set out to the international market in the future.
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