Heal Your Relationship to Get Back the Magic With Communication

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You know you are unhappy.
Everyone around you can see it.
Relationships are supposed to bring out the best in you and your true love, but we all know that is not always a true statement.
Many times it seems as if your relationship is the hard part even if you really love each other.
Where all the problems start, is when you take two completely different people and ask them to share a life together.
(Hey when you say it like that, it does sound hard, right?) What I really mean to say is that relationships are complicated.
Two different people who are attracted to each other for many reasons are now trying to make it work in the long term.
Add a few other distractions like an apartment or house, jobs and kids and it seems like everything is too hard and your relationship will just unravel.
Communication I am here to tell you that Communication is the key to getting back with and keeping it real with your ex.
Realize that you both have opinions and ideas and that you both have a 50% say in the relationship.
When you both talk it out, like adults, instead of pointing a finger at each other and saying one person is wrong, you will find that you can get somewhere.
Take the time to discuss each others roles, thoughts and feelings in your relationship.
Also, communicate what you feel you expect from each other- in other words, what role do you want to play and what role to you want to have your ex play.
Be clear with your ex when something hurts and also what makes you happy.
Say what you would like them to do and what you need them to do.
Offer your ex the same to you, so that you both can clearly understand what the other person wants and how you can help get the magic back in your relationship fast.
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