How to Redecorate a Small Bathroom

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    Prime and Paint the Walls

    • 1). Clear the bathroom of all clutter. This includes the countertop and the floor.

    • 2). Lay down newspapers or a drop cloth to catch any wayward paint drips or spills.

    • 3). Pour primer into the paint tray.

    • 4). Edge the bathroom with prime using a paintbrushr; cut in along the ceiling, baseboards and any trim or existing mirrors and cabinets.

    • 5). Use a roller to prime the rest of the walls.

    • 6). Rinse both the paintbrush and the roller well until the water runs clear, squeezing or shaking out excess water.

    • 7). Combine any remaining primer back into the original can and rinse the paint tray.

    • 8). Dry the tray well and pour the chosen paint into the tray.

    • 9). Apply two coats of paint, trimming first with the brush and following behind with the roller; paint one wall completely before beginning on the next wall.

    • 10

      Remove the newspapers or drop cloth and allow the paint to thoroughly dry.

    • 11

      Rinse both the paint brush and the roller well until the water runs clear, squeezing or shaking out excess water.

    Attach Hardware and Shelf

    • 1). Replace existing hardware with updated hardware. Follow the directions supplied with the particular hardware; most are easily installed with a screwdriver.

    • 2). Fold and hang bath and hand towels on the newly installed towel bars.

    • 3). Install toilet paper roll on new toilet paper holder.

    • 4). Attach the shelf to the wall. Depending on the layout of the bathroom, a good location might be above the toilet or on the innermost wall. Follow the directions supplied with the shelf to secure it in place.

    • 5). Position clock, framed photo or art, and reed diffuser or bowl with potpourri on the shelf.

    Hang Shower Curtain

    • 1). Remove old shower curtain, liner and rings.

    • 2). Add new curtain rings to the shower rod.

    • 3). Hang new curtain liner and curtain.

    Apply Finishing Touches

    • 1). Replace the old waste bin with a new trash can.

    • 2). Lay the coordinating bath mat or rug on the floor.

    • 3). Place fragrant hand soap --- either a hand-cut bar or eclectic liquid soap --- at the sink.

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