Myth Busters - Is it Possible to Run a Car on Water?

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Imagine If we could run our cars on water. Well we don't have to imagine it anymore because it is now easily possible! What we've been given is an option on how to make use of alternative fuels on a very cheap substance. I mean, come on, how expensive can water be if compared to incredibly expensive gasoline?

Through a process called electrolysis, water gets converted into a flammable gas. Sounds amazing, huh? Well it is. This process involves the conversion of atoms commonly found in water into HHI which is a different molecular structure. These flammable gases burn cleanly and efficiently. They also give off huge amounts of energy in the process. Your car will no longer solely depend on this for power as gas will still be used but the integration of this energy source will lower your fuel consumption and both you and the environment with a more greener means of getting around.

Using water as an alternative source of power for vehicles is quickly becoming a popular option these days. Besides, converting your car into a power fueled one is as simple as 1, 2, 3. You will only need some inexpensive parts, a bit of time and effort on your part and some basic know how to get started.

Converting now will only serve you even more in the future, who knows how much oil would cost on 5-10 years from now. The cost of the parts that you'll need would only set you back $50-$100 dollars at most, but imagine all the money that you will save after using it? Not only is it the practical thing to do it is also the right thing. Converting would decrease most of your car expenses as well as help lessen the bad effect of your car on the environment.

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