Under Eye Bags - Get a Handle on Them and Get Rid of the Witchy Look

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No one likes the wicked witch of the west look! Not unless, its Halloween that is! Unfortunately some people have to put up with that witchy look for most of their life.
They wake up in the morning and have to say "oooh no", there are those under eye bags again! But don't despair there are ways to get rid of those purplish, swollen under eye bags.
Before we go into how to treat dark circles under the eyes, let's go over what causes these under eye shadows so you can better understand how they are treated.
Under eye circles or bags can be caused by several factors like, poor circulation, skin thinning and slackening, poor drainage in the area under the eyes, or just plain loss of skin firmness.
So, when you are looking for products for the under eye problem, you want to look for ingredients that address the problem, like Eyeliss.
This ingredient is known to increase circulation, and help drainage in the under eye area.
This ingredient specifically addresses the cause of under eye circles, you want to find cosmetic creams that contain it.
Puffy Eyes Now if you have a problem with puffy eyes, you want to find eye gels that give you moisture and are very cooling.
There are also a few natural remedies you can use here in conjunction with your gel.
Caffeine, cucumber, and yeast help reduce inflammation, so you can either add cucumber slices to your eyes, or find products that contain these ingredients.
Dark Circles If you suffer from those dark circles too, or just have dark circles but no puffiness then you want to try an eye serum.
Look for eye serums that have light diffusers, or skin brighteners.
These will help fix the problem temporarily.
You also want moisturizers that help increase collagen, and rebuild the skin.
You might also want products that have vitamin K in them, which is supposed to minimize the darkness, but has not been proven.
The point is that there are many different things you can try.
If you don't do anything you won't get any results at all.
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