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Compared with various man-made toys , nature provides us with a large number of natural toys, these blessed toys both economical and also more attractive to children. Do not worry about these things will get you home dirty, messed up, and the children's joy compared to these what of it?

Role-playing games: old toys to play new tricks

As long as the parents of a little heart, was thrown to the side of children of various old toys can be re-developed, again to attract children. Role of the game is to put to new uses for old toys, an effective means of.

For example, parents and children to play with the game to open the store.

Assigns the start of the game: one customer, one salesman. The allocation of roles to adopt a democratic approach, let the children choose to give children the opportunity to make their own decisions.

Then all the old toys are laid out, together with the children to stacking shelves. Stacking shelves is the training of child development from the category Reorganizing the thinking for us. To guide the children all the toys category, placed on the shelves in a good set: transport class (bikes, cars, buses, aircraft, ships, etc.), weapon type (pistols, tanks, etc.) Doll Classes, cooking classes and so on.

Shelf collated after the start "trading" the. Need money to buy things. Of course, money is available substitutes, some small toys such as small graphics, small cardboard and so on, as long as the child can think of, can be used as money. However, it is best to use real money, so a child can have an intuitive understanding of money and learn a few numbers, computing and financial management.

In the "sale" of the process, parents can continue to guide the children about the color, size and learning classification and so on. Finally, parents can exchange the role of repeated games with children. After the game, and children with the toys up.

Role-playing games like this are highly enthusiastic participation of children, old toys, even if the game has been the greatest advantage, but also cultivate the child's attention, imagination and other thinking skills, but also to strengthen the parent-child communication.

Back to nature: heaven-sent magic toy recycling

Nature provides us with a large number of natural toys, such as leaves, twigs, small stones, sand and so on. Compared with various man-made toys, these blessed toys both economical and also more attractive to children.

In nature, the children are born artisans. They dug tunnels in the sand, building castles, building high-rise, having all the fun, the whole body is full of sediment also does not care; they will fall on the floor of a small tree with immense interest, also because the pile of stones and linger. Children play in the full nature of the place, parents need to do is:

Open hands Children than parents know how to use a heaven-sent toys. This time, the wise parents should be free to enjoy your child to exercise his imagination and creativity, let the children free to stretch in the toy character. Not keep up behind the child kept saying: "Do not get dirty!", "Do not wearing finger", which would only make the child disappointing.

Enjoy the children When children find a small stone he likes to show off to you, the child's vision qwaqwa; when children Zaochu a "highway", the pretend car in top running. Children see you appreciate his masterpiece, will be more interest to create more magic works.

Division Cooperation And children together to find a lot of branches, stones, etc., by type, size, different criteria such as classification, along with children and design graphics. Such as larger stone rockeries, paving the way for other smaller stones.

Finally, bring home a pile of natural toys. These natural toys your child's toys at home with mixed use. For example, with Building block Build a house, then circle around with a large stone is the wall.

Do not worry about these things will get you home dirty, messed up, and the child's happiness compared to those what of it?
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