Prevention is better than cure: Fire-resistant glass

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As an extraordinary structure material, Fire resistant Glass has elevated glow transmittance performance and fireproof performance of high-temperature resistance and flame retardant. Few countries like France and Japan are major producers of fire resistant glass in the world.

Fire resistant glass has a first-class optical performance and its clearness is the same as common float glass. Its intensity is 6 times as much as that of ordinary float glass and it belongs to safety glass.
It can be assembled into various complex glass products.

In most of recent buildings, their peripheral glass has no heat resistance and fire-resistant functions. Once fire happens, the glass will burst in a small time and fire will be extend to bring about danger of life and property safety.

With fireproof performance, fireproof glass is a type of construction outer wall glass. It adopts particular means to handle float glass. Its two surfaces have the similar fireproof consequence which can guarantee glass veracity with 90 minutes to successfully stop fire and fog extend to make citizens have sufficient time to go away the scene and tragedy respite work. It overcomes the weak fireproof security of ordinary glass to deeply improve the safety of external wall glass.

Fireproof glass not only has terrific fireproof function but also has advanced intensity. Contrast with the same thickness glass, its strength is 6-12 times as much as that of widespread float glass and 1.5-3 times as much as that of tempered glass.
Fire-resistant glass is widely used in cinema halls, banks, hospitals, large-sized marketplaces and recreation grounds, etc. The size may vary from Min. size: 300x300mm to max. Size: 1200x2800mm. So if you want to ensure the safety of your near and dear ones or other people in general make a wise investment today and install fire-resistant glass wherever possible.
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