Dog Obedience Training - Dog Training Techniques

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Almost each and every owner of a dog trains his or her own pet.
But despite everything the success rate is too low.
The reason for this is not far to see.
If you are the owner and also the trainer you must have some special qualities within you.
What are they? You must have flexibility, consistency, persistence along with fair or positive attitude.
However, these remain absent within many and consequently the trainer fails to succeed.
Furthermore you must apply the basic training from the beginning.
Implement this wholeheartedly.
Or else the training will become abortive.
For all these reasons you must begin confidently and should not repeat the aforesaid grave mistakes.
At each and every time during the training period you must confirm the affinity between you two.
This forms the basis of a prolific coordination throughout the life.
It may also happen that you had one dog in the past.
But you failed to train him.
Be flexible and never repeat the same procedure of training again.
It may be that you had some initial successes at that time.
But every dog is unique and you must be prepared to handle every exclusive situation in a different way.
Try to watch the temperament and reaction of the dog.
Act at every step in accordance with this experience.
You should start by means of the command training.
It may be the dog makes mistakes, which is very natural.
But never lose hope.
Always remember that dogs learn through mistakes and repetition of the same command.
But refrain yourself from sending mixed command or any form of wrong behaviour.
This will confuse it and as a result it will never learn.
Dogs like human beings do learn lots from positive experiences.
For this reason make the inclusion of reward training compulsory.
Never train the dog if you are really upset or even dejected.
It may send wrong signals.
It may be that at any day your dog is angry for some reason.
If it is so, let it be in that way.
Never attempt to cool it down.
The effort will be abortive and may also mar the healthy growth of the coordination between the owner and the pet.
Even if you are in any awkward situation related with training, never lose trust on yourself.
It is essential.
The success of any dog obedience training depends on the trainer and no one else.
Now you shall also have to be disciplined.
Always maintain a strict discipline.
Practice the training program on each and every day.
There is no need to train for prolong hours.
Only a season of 30 minutes on a daily basis will prove to be good.
This will work as magic since a regimented trainer produces a disciplined dog.
Make an in-depth analysis of the successes and also of the failures.
Be alert of the training commands he needs to practice and execute that gradually.
Apply these in order and with necessary forbearance.
Success will surely be achieved.
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