Regular Tile Cleaning

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    Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

    • Ceramic tiles can easily attract dust so sweep them regularly with a soft brush broom. You can use a vacuum, but be careful that the wheels don't scratch the tile. Avoid using a vacuum that has a beater bar because that can damage and dull the tile.

      A damp mop works very well on porcelain and ceramic. Too much water can make the tile dangerously slippery so use a small amount of water to remove dirt and stains. Tile manufacturers typically recommend grout and surface cleaners that work well. Use a damp sponge to spot clean any heavier dirt. Using a small amount of soap can work as long as it is rinsed thoroughly.

      Never use steel wool or abrasive substances to clean the floor since the tile will scratch. Stronger chemicals like bleach and ammonia should be avoided because they can damage the tile and badly discolor it.

    Wooden Tiles

    • Wooden floors can also be swept with a soft broom and vacuumed as long as the vacuum doesn't have a beater bar. Wooden floors with a urethane finish should never be waxed. Although polish works very well on wood, it is ineffective on porcelain or ceramic and can make them dangerously slippery.

      There are cleaners on the market specifically designed for hard wood that can be sprayed on a soft cloth and applied to the floor. Only use water in very small amounts. Wood can expand when it gets wet and the floor can warp if excessive water is used in cleaning.

      If the floor is extremely dull or damaged, it can be sanded down and then refinished to restore its shine. It is better to have this done professionally because sanding the floor can damage the wood if not done correctly.

    General Tips

    • Use a floor mat near any major exits or entrances no matter what type of floor you have. This can help prevent a lot of dirt from being transferred to the floor. Have people take off their shoes and leave them on the mat to help keep the floors clean.

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