Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back After You Have Driven Him Away

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You began to date someone and everything seems to be going great. You felt that you have finally found the right man for you. Then, in a flash without any sort of warning, he starts to back off and kept distance. You can't understand what happened and a lot of questions entered your mind.

What did I do wrong? How do I get him back? Is it possible to get him back? This scenario may be very familiar to you and it is for you to know that there are a number of ways to prevent and reverse this situation. You just need to know what you did wrong and change it accordingly.

It is a given fact that as a woman, you'd like to show your affection to him and try to meet his needs. Maybe take care of him whenever he needs it. You may be thinking that this is what every man wants, right? But, you need to be sure you are not overdoing it. As with other things, too much of it can be detrimental. You would not want to give him too much attention because he may feel that you are choking him.

You can be caring but learn how to say no when you feel that he is taking it the wrong way or when he is taking advantage of it. This shows that you respect yourself enough which will also make him respect you. On the contrary, don't be too authoritative to the point that you are controlling the relationship because this can be equally detrimental.

Another thing that you should do is to focus on the present. Don't bring back any details of your past that can affect your relationship. If you have had boyfriends in the past then it is better if you left the details out. That doesn't mean that you should lie about it but don't divulge any unnecessary details. Doing so can cause feelings of jealousy in your boyfriend or he may feel you are comparing them. So it's better that anything about the past that is not important is left unsaid.

Show him a balance of your behavior. Adjust according to what the situation calls for. Don't be too feminine but also show sensitivity and care. A good balance of your behavior will show him how flexible you are and opening up will not be too difficult to do which for a lot of men is.

One common mistake that women make that can drive men away is overanalyzing them. Men as they are, they are not too comfortable showing their emotions or feelings. They want to be secure in that regard and questioning him about these things can make him vulnerable which can drive him crazy.

In contrast, never attempt to change him the way he is. This may be a bit challenging for you because women are known to fix what's wrong with their partners. You may not have a bad intention but this can elicit a negative response as he will wonder why you are trying to change him. Instead, try to adjust your expectations about him because no one is perfect and if you really love him then you can accept him for who he really is.
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