The era of digital photography

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The popularity of digital photography has exploded in the last few years. Because of the software readily available to everyone, the ability to edit images so easily is very appealing to the public. At the click of a button anyone can crop, adjust the brightness, cancel red eye, and play around with their photographs, making them fun by adding text or merely just making the image sharper and of a better quality.

Due to the availability of software, people are able to store many image files onto their large hard drives. With this readily available to the public, the thought of paying to have a small amount of photographs printed, doesn't sound appealing, nor does developing them for hours in a darkroom. Why spend money and time developing them to get a good photograph, when digital cameras are so advanced now some of them can take a better photograph than a traditional camera.

This is why digital cameras are currently among the hottest consumer items on the market.

The internet and social networking sites play a huge part in the popularity of digital photography. It is effortless to send an email with image files attached, and extremely simple to post your photographs onto facebook, allowing your friends and family to see your pictures at just a click of a button. Technology is rapidly changing and expanding every day, and the digital photography market is growing with it. An example of this is the wedding photography industry. At most weddings the pictures would have been taken with a traditional camera, and a few today still do. However the majority of wedding photographers nowdays use digital cameras to take their pictures, and the pictures that are produced are still of an extremely high quality.
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