Top 3 Reasons Hair Breakage Occurs

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Believe it or not, hair breakage can be controlled and even stopped.
There are a number of reasons why it occurs and it is important to figure out why you are experiencing it, in order to stop it.
In this article I'll share with you the top three reasons why people experience hair breakage.
Damaging Hairstyles Certain hairstyles promote hair breakage.
Ponytails, and braids, especially worn wrong, not only lead to your hair to damage but these styles can cause permanent hair loss.
Hair care products like gel (and other products that contain alcohol) and hairstyles that use gel to slick the hair down, encourage hair damage and have a tendency to dry it out.
Chemicals Applying chemicals (relaxers, perms, or color) to the hair and scalp incorrectly, has got to be, hands down the biggest reason hair breakage occurs in a large amount of people.
Chemicals take moisture out of the hair and if the moisture isn't replaced, the hair will begin to get dry, weak, fragile, and eventually break off.
I highly advise to only get chemical services performed by a licensed professional.
A professional will know if the chemical can (or even should) be applied.
A licensed professional should know what kind of chemical to apply, the strength of the chemical that should be used and exactly when to remove the chemical, to give the client a professional appearance while maintaining the integrity of the hair.
Excessive Heat When heat comes into direct contact with hair strands (from using blow dryers, flat irons, hot combs and curling irons) if the hair hasn't been prepared for the heat that is about to make contact, then it can become dry, and brittle.
Excessive use of heat can cause permanent damage to your hair can increase the chances of it breaking off.
What You Can Do To Win The Fight The majority of times, changing your routine will stop, and eliminate this kind of hair damage.
It's what we do on a consistent basis that either leads us to success or failure.
Once you have discovered where your issue lies, take it out of your routine.
Even though there are many reasons why breakage can occur, the best way to counter it is to work on strengthening your hair, examining your routine and eliminating any counterproductive issue.
Restoring balance is a necessary to help repair damage.
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