How to Make Easy Money Repairing Xbox 360 Consoles

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Many of us are acutely aware that the Xbox 360 console has issues.
But did you know that most of the problems can be fixed fairly easily for next to nothing? If you're looking for something interesting to do in your spare time and make some easy money while you're at it, this might be just the ticket! The Epic Fail The overwhelming majority of problems are caused by overheating.
While the Xbox 360 console is indeed powerful, its cooling system is severely lacking.
When the heat builds up, the low-quality solder used to make the electrical connections between components softens and weakens.
When combined with pressure on the motherboard caused by a critical design flaw (one that is still not resolved) the solder joints can break and cold solder joints can form.
Components are effectively being de-soldered from the motherboard and the electrical connection is lost.
An Opportunity for Success While this all sounds pretty dramatic and complicated, it really isn't.
Once you know what you're doing, the repair is a fairly straightforward process and when you're familiar with the innards of the Xbox 360, you'll be knocking them off within an hour or two and without too much thought.
The going rate for a repair will vary depending on your location, but it will certainly be profitable, considering the cost of the materials required is sub-$1.
Here in Australia, the charge can be as high as $100.
Imagine repairing just 2-3 console daily.
Without working weekends, spending only 5 or so hours per working day, you could be making $1,500 a week! You'll never run out of business with approximately 1 in every 3 Xbox 360 consoles failing at some point.
That's a lot of potential customers eager for your expertise! Additionally, there's always the option to upsell by offering things like cooling modifications and custom paint jobs, whatever takes your fancy.
Sky's the limit! If you're interested to find out how to carry out the repair, simply visit my website below.
Don't miss out on your chance to capitalize on a major blip from one of the biggest companies in the world! Nothing could be sweeter.
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