RVs and Driving in Heavy Winds

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If you own an RV you know the driving in heavy winds can be very tricky and even if you do not drive an RV you may have seen some time in your life an RV tipped over and destroyed on a highway.
Occasionally this happens in high winds.
On my current motor home I have over 250,000 miles and this is my second motor home in five years.
During my tours around the United States of America I have been to every single state capitol building with a picture of my RV in front of it.
Additionally I have been to every single city in the 48 Continental United States in the last five years with over 10,000 population.
I have driven in high winds, through tropical storms and nearly been blown off the highway at least a half a dozen times.
The best thing to do when you know there are high winds is to pull off to the side of the road at perhaps a truck stop and park going into the wind so that you do not get blown over.
It is also best to slow down when driving in high winds because this allows you for more correction time if you are starting to blow off the highway.
If you are moving forward very fast and you are blown off the highway you will move at that angle off the highway even faster.
Please do not drive in heavy winds in your RV and if you do or if you were stuck driving in high winds find a safe place to park and park into the wind to protect your investment.
Consider this in 2006.
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