Elegant Wedding Cake - The Top New Trends in Wedding Cakes

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Each and every year there are some new trends in wedding cakes and in other parts of the wedding.
You don't have to stick to what the latest trends are.
However, if your look for some ideas you will enjoy these.
Square Shaped Cakes Most of us think of wedding cakes as round shaped.
Now of days square is become more popular.
I have seen many chocolate designs that are square shaped.
What were seeing is cubed shapes and hexagons done in layers.
Blue And Green The colors that seem to be in for wedding cakes are blue and green.
Don't rule out pink.
It always seems to be popular and it seems to be getting more popular once again.
Were are also seeing more two toned cakes.
Instead of just one color of blue you may see two different colors of blue on the same cake.
Fresh Flowers This is a trend that has been picking up over the last few years.
Many brides are adding some cheap fresh flowers right to the cake as a form of cheap decoration.
You can buy wholesale flowers for cheap and these to the cake yourself.
Cupcakes More and more creative designs are coming from cupcakes.
Cupcakes are cheap and have much less waist then a normal cake.
When stack the cupcakes on a tower it really can look stunning.
We are now starting to cupcakes coming in different shapes such as square.
Chocolate Flavored Cakes Chocolate is becoming the most popular of flavors.
Chocolate icings, frosting, flavors, and more are huge.
Chocolate may be combines with other flavors such as cherries and fruits.
Cheesecake There are lots of people who don't want a regular cake.
They prefer the taste of a cheesecake.
Cheesecake doesn't have to be boring in designs either.
I have seen some very creative looking cheesecakes.
Those are some of the current and hottest trends.
But don't rule out the traditional wedding cake.
It always will be a popular choice.
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