Live Courageously

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What distinguishes the people who successfully traverse every kind of personal and professional challenge from those who don't? In a word it's courage.
Each one of us is made up of flesh, blood and a miracle fiber called courage.
When we use that, we achieve nothing short of a miracle.
We see our jawans fighting at the border, involving themselves in encounters with the terrorists and risking their lives.
All these acts require courage.
India is a land where people like Rani Lakshmi Bai, Bhagat Singh have displayed great valor.
They displayed the physical act of courage.
But courage is not mere physical.
Courage is not the absence of fear.
Rather, it is acting in spite of the fear because it is the right thing to do
Courage is Jessica Lal's sister fighting for justice for her murdered sister.
Courage is Priyadarshini Mattoo's father's fight against the corrupt and high profile Indian society in getting justice for her daughter.
Courage is Mukhtar Mai who talked about her rape.
Courage is the first same sex couple who came in open and accepted the reality.
It takes courage to fight against the Apartheid society.
Courage means "heart".
It is not to be found in great heroic act but in day to day actions that come from the heart - and from our willingness to take the path of hearts.
It takes courage to dream, to express your aspirations and goals in spite of ridicule, self doubt and cynicism.
Courage is not limited to any sex, religion or race.
But it is your own instincts and values that drive your way to act courageously.
In this modern world which has its own pros and cons, you can be a mere spectator and let everything happens at its own pace, whether good or bad or rather have mental courage to fight against the social and financial evils.
One should always listen to his/her inner feelings about an issue, person or deal.
It means expressing your truth with compassion, knowing that the result might not favour you.
Courage is present in each one of us.
It just needs to be awakened.
The carving for justice and human dignity often leads to the acts of courage.
One should always remember as told by "Father of our Nation", Mahatama Gandhi "Be the change you want to see in the world "
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