How to Replace the Radio in a 1993 Pontiac Grand Am

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    • 1). Pop your Pontiac's hood and remove the negative (black) terminal from the battery with a crescent wrench. This will stop the flow of electricity between the battery and the radio system.

    • 2). Insert both parts of a Pontiac radio removal tool into the four holes on the corners of your vehicle's stereo, with the teeth pointing inward. Press in the tool until it clicks into place.

    • 3). Bend each part of the tool together slightly and pull the radio out of its housing. The unit should come out relatively easily. If the system binds up, press the tools in harder to fully loosen the clips.

    • 4). Remove the two plugs from the back of the radio by squeezing the clamps on both sides of the plugs and pulling them out.

    • 5). Replace the plugs on the back of the new radio.

    • 6). Slide the new radio into the stereo housing. Push it in until it clicks into place.

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