How Doctors Can Become USCIS-Approved Civil Surgeons

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Depending on the kind of immigration category sought an applicant for immigration may have to go through what is called the Immigration Medical Examination in the United States of America. If the applicant is adjusting status or is applying for a green card he or she will be required to undergo the Immigration medical exams that consist of vaccinations, tuberculin tests and other physical examinations. Blood work, urine tests along with certain x-ray exams form a part of the entire medical exam process.

Only a Civil Surgeon appointed by the USCIS, or the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services can be designated to perform the Medical Examinations or Green Card Medical Examinations conducted inside of the United States.

(For those immigration medical examinations that are conducted outside of the United States designated "Panel Physicians" appointed by the Department of State perform the exam for the applicants).


If a doctor is interested in becoming then he or she should apply to USCIS using Form I-910, or Application for Civil Surgeon Designation. There are certain doctors that may not have to apply for this designation if they fulfill the required blanket designations. In agreement with CDC, USCIS has designated all State and local health departments for the procedure.

All health departments and eligible physicians must routinely review and stay updated with the Technical Instructions for the vaccination requirements for the exam before they start performing the Immigration Medical Examinations.

THE I-693 FORM :

Green Card Doctors must conduct the examination and record the findings, along with the vaccination records and details onto a form designated by USCIS, the I-693 form.

The I-693 form is a Report of the Medical Examination and Vaccination Record and forms an integral part of the Immigration Medical Examination. While getting this form filled up the Surgeon should:
  1. Ensure that all details and information along with the certification of the immigration applicant are correct and completed.
  2. Complete all vaccination records and
  3. Complete the Civil Surgeon's information and certification details that are a part of the I-693 form.

As required by CDC the physicians should then certify on the form I-693 by affixing his stamp or seal and signature. Care has to be taken that the form is signed by the attending physician also, if the form has only been signed by the registered nurse or by one of the assistants.      

Once the health department too affixes the seal and stamp the signed I-693 form should be placed in a sealed envelope, as per the instructions mentioned on top of the form. The sealed cover has to be handed over to the applicant for onward forwarding for immigration purposes.
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