Beware of Low Blood Pressure

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Hypotension can be serious and it should be taken care of immediately.
Having low blood pressure can affect your bran and could cause irreparable and even fatal problems.
Hypovolemia - What Is It? The most common cause of hypotension is hypovolemia.
Problems in your nervous system in the brain are chief among the reasons why.
There are other causes that may include some medicines that can have hypovolemia as a side effect.
Because of its brain origins, hypovolemia may be even more serious than high blood pressure.
Types of Hypotension One type of problem related to hypotension is orthostatic hypotension, also known as postural hypotension, and is one of the more common forms of low blood pressure.
It can occur as easily as changing your body position.
An example would be standing up from sitting or lying down can briefly lower the blood flow in the body.
Because of this, you may become dizzy and unstable.
Another more serious type of the syndrome can be brought on by medications, both physical and psychiatric.
There is another form of hypotension that is less common than orthostatic hypotension.
It is known as postprandial hypotension and will occur 30-75 minutes after you have eaten.
Digestion of food can send a large dose of blood to your digestive system and, because of this, the autonomic nervous system must compensate to increase the body's heart rate and increase blood to pump.
Orthostatic hypotension can affect the autonomic nervous system, making it even weaker than it already is.
Some other causes of low blood pressure include infection, hemorrhaging, certain toxins, and hormonal abnormalities.
There are many factors to consider when looking at low blood pressure such as the rate the heart pumps and the viscosity - or thickness -- of the blood itself.
These factors may, in turn, be influenced by outside factors such as diet, exercise, disease, or drugs.
Hypotension may be just as severe as hypertension.
Both are cause for concern and you should see your primary healthcare provider and be checked out immediately especially since having low blood pressure could affect your brain.
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