Cancer Survivors" Tip - Optimal Health Action Step That Guides You To Full Recovery

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The cancer diagnosis on its own, let alone the myriad of allopathic procedures(surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.
) and tests following one's diagnosis, is enough to send one on a roller-coaster of emotional and financial upheaval.
Being diagnosed with a life threatening disease might get one to be a little bit more careful with spending resources.
Survivors often find themselves facing this dilemma: is it worthpaying the high price for the new- found health at the expense of so many other endeavors? For example everybody knows that eating organic foods is best, especially while our environment only gets more and more polluted, but is it worth it? Physicians shouldavoid creating more stress for survivors,and focus onfinding livable solutions in order to coach them to optimal health.
Buying Organic Foods is Best, but when this is not possible, at leastbe aware of which Foods have the Highest Levels of Pesticides.
Here is the List in decreasing order of contamination levels: *Strawberries and berries in general are Most contaminated of all Bell peppers (green, red) Spinach Cherries (especially US grown) Peaches Cantaloupe (especially from Mexico as they use DDT) Apples Carrots Grapes (especially from Chile.
This includes Wine) Pears Nectarines Potatoes *Basically the softer the food the more it is sprayed* Regardless of these levels, you might enjoy some fruits on this list;in this case, best is to try to remove as many chemicals as possible from the surfaces of the fruits: wash all foods with gentle soap or 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.
Optimal health involves many changes for you, but they are all worth the effort in the end: full cancer recovery.
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